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Default Maximum number of careers?

Greetings all,
I've recently run into a problem that I appreciate most people will probably not encounter, so maybe no-one knows, but I thought this is as good a place as any to ask.
I've had SH3 (with GWX 3.0 and SH3Cmdr 3.2) for, well, a while, and way too much spare time, so I've managed to rack up 96 different careers to date. No, that's not a typo. Anyway, I recently tried to start career no. 97, dice. The game CTDs every time, about 2 seconds after I select "Career" from the main menu and before I can even click "New Career" on the following screen. If I go back and delete an old career in SH3Cmdr, putting me back on a total of 95, then the new career (which would now be the 96th) works just fine.
So my questions are...has anybody else encountered this? If so, can anybody more tech-savvy than me tell me if it's some built-in limitation of the base game (or GWX, or SH3Cmdr...), or is part of my install slightly duff in some way? It's hardly a burning issue - as you can tell, I've had many delightful hours with SH3, and perhaps this is just life's way of telling me to get out more - I'm just curious more than anything. TIA :-)
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