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(1) What do sea-plane carriers do? Do they extend the 'vision' of the fleet? If I use them as an aviation patrol, do they show more than I'd otherwise see?
Nothing that I have been able to determine.
(2) When selecting area patrol, what do the numbers 1 to 100 signify? Tiles? Miles? I can put a unit on 15 and yet it seems to be sailing up the Jade into Wilhelmshaven harbour
Hours until the patrolling ship/squadron needs to return to base.
(3) Please provide a way to attack or counter submarines because it's just ridiculous,
Nothing. But this is not as ahistorical as it may seem since without ASDIC or ship mounted hydrophones surface ships pretty much needed to catch a sub on the surface to kill it with guns or ramming. Depth charges were introduced in 1917 and were huge while generally dropped blindly near the swirl created by the diving boat. Few DD carried more than a half-dozen and most just one or two. Mines, ramming and gunfire were the causes of most U-Boat losses in the Great War.

Given the body of brilliant modders out there, imagine what the games might look like today had the idiots running Stormpowered made them as moddable as SH3/SH4.

I find the numerous unfixed issues suck virtually all of the enjoyment out of the campaigns and for the most part, also from the individual battles.

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