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I understand, thank you for the feedback. As I said, we have had several open mic Q&A sessions, plus I've tried to keep the public and player-base updated.

I've posted the original roadmap with a summary of features added below. Why did anything change? The answer is always: The devs found this the most efficient use of their time; to avoid duplicating work or doing work that would be rendered moot with future work; and to allow the best use of resources (work with latest versions of Unity, completing features that future features will need, etc.).

So, when the weekly update does not satisfy, just read the paragraph above. That's the answer.

Update Nov 2020

Original Roadmap

Actual features added during post-EA release. During the ongoing development, the team found it more time-efficient
to complete some features out of sequence from the original roadmap.

Current roadmap: as determined by the most time-efficient path.
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