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As a software developer I can tell you that plans are constantly subject to change. As Uncle Neal explained, things happened that influenced the order of operations. Normal stuff. Actually in such a situation, it's MUCH better to change the plans than to rush, or do the same job twice. Yes, it incurs delays, and that's for the better, actually.

Patience is a virtue that should be more than familiar to sub lovers, so I'm a bit confused at the rant here. Now, if someone is going to act as an entitled brat, that's their prerogative. Neal was more than understanding in conversing with whatshisface, and I salute him for that.

Keep up the good work gents, we'll be here to welcome all the good stuff whenever it comes.

Oh I know that, i worked for a while in IT sector and was part of software development, so I haven't a problem with changing plans etc. But to say we stop it and release a mission editor and don't explain why to step back and work on basics issn't good.

Also banning people without any warning cause they critism a dev decision or asking for explaination is a very unprofessinal behavior. Again without any warning!

And btw there are many requests by new players to add the TDC solution on the map, which will be always denied by dev's with the words (simple speaking) "This is a hardcore Sim go and learn this stuff by yourself in the internet"...sorry but you can't tread people like this.

BTW the EA release was in March 2019 and we are in November 2020 now.

And yes things can happen and schedules and plans can be changed but you have to communicate this to the community in a transparent way and I don't see this happen on Steam. Maybe they do it on discord or here on subsim fine but many players bought the game on steam and the steam forum is first place to get informations.

A weekly update is fine, but just always saying we work currently on this ....we work now on that isn't enough thats looks like copy and paste the same stuff over and over again....

This is all not new and was discussed and claimed very often
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