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When you attempt a bombardment you are likely to encounter the dreaded "Teleportation" bug, which renders the campaigns unplayable in my opinion.

If the enemy has an opposing force in the objective "hex", the game generally runs into a feedback loop that is extremely difficult to get out of. Usually there will be light forces there which will fleet from your bombardment force as they are likely to be vastly inferior.

This just happened to me an a High Seas Fleet campaign and it caused me to scrap the campaign completely. What happened was this:

Four battlecruisers and Blucher of Scouting Group 1 with Scouting Group 2 sail for a dawn bombardment/mine-laying sortie to Yarmouth on January 28th 1915.

At about 1000 and on reaching a position 29 km east of Yarmouth, a battle triggers with the British 3rd Destroyer Flotilla, light cruiser HMS Arethusa and six or seven destroyers. These promptly turn and flee and I try to close the coast to begin the bombardment. The British move out of visual range and the battle ends at 1035.

Upon returning to the Campaign screen at 1035, another battle triggers with both forces teleported back to their 1000 positions, 29 km east of Yarmouth. British flee, Germans close the coast and actually get into firing range. Battle ends at 1120.

Less than one-minute on the campaign screen and a new battle triggers. Again both forces have been teleported back to the 1000 positions but now this action ends at 1205.

Lather, rinse repeat. Eventually after five times and over four game-hours I finally managed to disengage with no bombardment conducted or mines laid. Essentially my force was stuck in the same spot, 29km east of Yarmouth for more than four hours while any British reinforcements got to advance some 64 nm (115 km in game terms).

Jutland is damaged in so many ways but the teleport bug, also present in Distant Guns, completely breaks the campaign engine. If you read the posts on this issue you will find that as far as the developers are concerned, this is a rare (it's not) and inconvenient issue that's "hard to fix". But have fun because they never bothered to find a fix.

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