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Default Campaign game - Bombardment and Patrol

Hello fellow Jutlanders

I hope there are some of you out there who are getting as much joy out of resurrecting this awesome game as I am. A major issue, though, is the manual is very general and provides little detail on important matters.

For example, what is the effect of bombardment? A lot of my ships on area patrols are getting torpedoed by German subs (I've got my own back, with almost the entire Royal Navy sub force on continuous, series patrols around Wilshemshaven getting at least one hit on the High Seas dreadnoughts ever time they put to sea).

I was thinking maybe I should send the Grand Fleet and Battlecruiser fleets into the German lair and bombard Heligoland submarine base to damage their sub capability, as it seems in Jutland there is no way to counter submarines otherwise. I've shorn the Grand Fleet and Battlecruiser Squadron of all their escorts that have short range so the two fleets are long-ranged and can sail anywhere in the North Sea with long-staying power. What can I do with it?

As I've indicated in previous posts, I've managed to sink the entire German battlecruiser force for the loss of three Queen Elizabeths. When I had the Grand Fleet minus 1st Battle Squadron (i.e. about 16 dreadnoughts) that were limited to 18 knots, while 17 dreadnoughts of the High Seas Fleet were bearing down on me, I sent all my escorts (destroyers, light cruisers and seven King Edward VII pre-dreads) to turn 18 degrees and charge the High Seas Fleet. They managed to sink three dreadnoughts. My submarines have also inflicted damage every time they leave port, and the HSF seems to be limited to about 16 knots atm.

The Scouting Force is now down to three light cruisers, including the Wiesbaden (that I'm absolutely determined to destroy), otherwise I sunk all their battlecruisers and escorts, about 40 ships in total.

Admiral Tyrwhit is leading a new force, the 1st Blockade Group, which has four destroyer squadrons each led by a light cruiser, and in the centre, a striking force of four light cruisers, and they sunk 16 German PT boats in a battle off the coast of Holland (and also many German destroyers in night actions around Wilhemshaven / Jade / Heligoland etc, but are currently recuperating in port after several ships hit mines when I went on a raiding expedition to try to destroy German minelayers.

So, what does bombardment do? Can I inflict damage on the centre of German sub operations, and on the subs themselves, by Bombarding Heligoland? And when I select area patrol, the number (from 1 to 200), what does this signify? Miles? Map "squares"? What?
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