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Originally Posted by Aktungbby View Post
'Daelin[SHOT]! Great two cents worth!
Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
Great first post and solid ideas, thanks!
Originally Posted by AP514 View Post
This Thread has been totally derailed..............

PLZ Close this THREAD..thank you
Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
No need for exaggeration. The majority of this thread was still about Uboat vs Wolfpack comparison. Sure, it wandered off a bit to become a bit one-sided. But that can be steered back again. And in this forum threads don't tend to get closed until discussions start to go real sour. I think there is some life in it if people are willing to add their 2 cents.
not totally derailed and it's doing what a good thread should with some very well written '2's worth' posts in an unsually eloquent ongoing discussion; well worth continuing....imho
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