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Originally Posted by Schroeder View Post
Heatblur has quite the track record with the excellent Viggen and now the F14. I'm thinking about getting either the 14 or 18 when they drop in price. But I need to get a proper Joystick first as my current one always adds some right rudder when I only want to use right aileron... Oh well, I think the thing is over 10 years old now...

I'd always apply a bit of deadzone on the rudder control.

Anyway I recently replaced my Cyborg Evo stick with the Thrustmaster T16000M + HOTAS and I'd recommended if you look something within a decent pricerange and what you get for it. It's got the same sensors like their top of the line Warthog stick and with the HOTAS unit you got plenty of buttons to asign to the thing's you'd be needing in DCS modules.

Ralfi did a very good review about it:


Packing all the Zuni's to try some ground pounding:

F16's denied my fun:

Then it was my turn to terminate their fun.


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