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Originally Posted by JeromeHeretic View Post
I was looking to wiki and type 7 was able move 15700 km in fuel economy regime. When i tried with full fuel reserve run on economic speed, it shows max distance about 20 000 km. So... maybe it is not acurrate value, but is close to reality. IMHO this value don't need change.
That's actually 15700km (VIIC) at 10 knots, which is far from fuel economy.

Ranges @ 10 knots
VIIB - 16 112 km
VIIC - 15 700 km
VIIC/41 - 15 700 km
IXB - 22 000 km
IXC - 24 910 km
IXC/40 - 25 650 km

Ranges @ 8 knots
IIA - 3 000 km
IID - 10 460 km

EDIT: The actual straight air distance between Kiel and New York is 6100km in real life but 9881km in SH3, so "realistic ranges" is pretty much off the table. Maybe GWX was onto a more or less usable number. A type VII should be able to run @10 (~) knots from Kiel to USA-coast and back then at least, if the weather isn't awful.

EDIT2: When I think about it, the number GWX uses might actually be measured around that exact voyage (Kiel-New York) as it seems pretty much spot on at nearly double real world Uboat range, which adds up nicely. So I think we'll just stick with GWX3.0 calculations and not spend another calorie on it.

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