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Default [REL] U-boat Surface Riding Tweak

Release version 1.0 - All playable subs included (except VIIC/41 for those who has modded it in)

All subs tested but VIIB has been tested more than the others, so if there's any issue please give feedback and I'll look into it.

All submarines have "more weight" in the water and aren't bobbing around ontop of the water like vanilla. The environment mod you're using will give different results as some have shorter waves and some have longer waves. This mod will work well with both. You will not see the propellers out of the water as much and you won't see the bow dive planes above the waterline unless the weather is really, really bad. As far as testing goes, the involuntary 10m dives in bad weather are completely gone. The sub wants to stay afloat unless you want to dive!

Submerged performance should remain the same as without the mod.

Technical stuff; All subs have increased Mass to slightly lower than surface displacement and surface UD-drag is increased slightly. Draft is increased by a few decimals to even further reduce the "rising aft" eyesore. This should not affect speed at all.

Compatibility; Should be compatible with most mods.
Tested and working with these mods;
- German Uboat Compilation
- GWX3.0
- Vanilla

Note: I created a new thread to get the correct prefix and first post without too much hassle. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Proof of concept mod.
This is only the VIIB as it's the only Sub I've fully tested so far.

All weights and displacement changed from Long Tons to US tons assuming that's what the game uses since it also seem to be using US miles for range.

I'll explain in further details exactly what the final tweaks are and I'd appreciate feedback on this one. During testing the boat never went below 6 meters in bad weather. It cuts through some waves while riding others, depending on whether she's rising or falling when she hits the wave. I managed to keep the stern lower than default and make the bow rise to keep the boat afloat rather than going for those infamous 10m dives with crew on deck. You'll rarely see the propellers out of the water.

It's worth noting that I've only tested the mod with MEPv6 installed, which I believe affects waves somewhat.

Warning: The mod only affects a tiny .sim file in the VIIB Submarine directory

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