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Originally Posted by CaptBones View Post
What are your system specs; what OS are you using?

The OM package you're installing adds a huge number of ships, aircraft and other stuff to the you have enough RAM and hard-drive storage memory to deal with it? Even so, the OM MOD support documentation carries warning notes about the will CTD for several reasons.

If you have a 64-bit OS you should also install the 4-GB patch (or is it the "Large Address Aware" patch?) to allow the game to function better on your system. That sometimes makes it possible to get into the Museum...and sometimes not.

If you provide a little more information, someone who knows a lot more about these things than I do, will come along to help you solve the problems.
Win7 64bit, 16GB RAM, good processor/grafic card, 600GB free storage.

What patch do you mean, can you tell me more about it?

Btw. the LAA sounds obvious, I used it for other games too.
How should I continue in this case? I changed/modded a lot of other games or even did own custom things, its the first time I fail in such an easy thing haha
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