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Hi Ahnenerbe:

I am experiencing some CTDs in the process save - reload games in campaign. I donīt have these problems with my normal installation GWX plus MaGUI WS 1360x768.

I did a complete new installation of SH3 GWX with only your WS GUI (with MultiSH3) and I have the CTDs. In saved individual missions no problem. But in campaign, I run normally, saved the game without ships or land in sight, in surface and in control room (F2); reload and CTD after the black screen "Initializing". No SH3 Commander used in these tests.

I donīt think is a problem of memory or my PC; I have enough power for a fast work of SH5.

If some user has this problem, please post it. I donīt know if the GUI has some data or parameters not recovering in saved campaigns.

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