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Originally Posted by JAG View Post
I tried the 2 files you mentioned in your recent post, and FINALLY !!!!
I am able to enjoy T34 vs Tiger on my Vista 64 system ....
I notice at first though I placed the 2 files in game directory which allowed me to actually play the first mission, but then it would not run further missions

So placed the 2 files into the windows/system32 folder and that seemed to solve the problem with continuing the other missions. All seems to be running smoothly and my system is running without problems.

THANKS AGAIN Bleser.... I Salute You !!!!!
Glad I could be of help! Having a game crash JUST before the level loads has to be the most disheartening thing in the world.

I really hope another financially-sound company can pick up where TvT left off. This game is just incredible. It is visually stunning (made me go out and spend just shy of $1,000 on computer hardware so I coudl turn up all the visuals and I'm now in HEAVEN... new Radeon 5870 graphics card, i5 750 clocked @ 4 GHz, etc...) and just makes you really feel like you're in the heat of battle.

It just seems to be missing basic elements - such as radio communication between tanks to really get that involvement level up. The AI could be improved, but I've seen far worse, and if you turn their accuracy up then the missions are hard to beat.

It's a gem and hopefully someone will take over the source code some day and expand it to its full potential!
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