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Default Same Problem here with Windows Vista Home Prem 64 bit

FYI, currently I am running a new computer which has Windows Vista Home Prem 64 bit on it, 8 gigs of Ram and 1TG of hard drive,
but I still cant get T34 vs Tiger to run

It will actually go to the main screen of the game, so you can change all options regarding audio, video, game controls etc.
It lets you select the mission
It loads the mission, as you can see the bar loading up
and then when its done loading the mission and the game should start
it goes to black screen, and windows vista gives message:
"TvsT.exe has stopped working "

There is no given cure for it. I have tried running the game as admin, even added the exe file to the DEP of vista to allow it to run, but still the same thing happens...

Bummer, I enjoyed this game when I ran it on my Windows XP system which sadly is no more...

I have search all over the net, but cant find a fix for it,
At one time there was a fix to get it to play on Vista but it was offered on the Lighthouse Interactive web site which is no longer in service either...

If anyone knows to make it run, I sure hope you might post here...

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