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Originally Posted by Gammel View Post
Hello, im about to purchase - had a good time with the demo scenario.
Howdy Gammel, glad you like it.

IŽd love to see some more screenshots...
Here's the screenshot thread in our other forum:

1. Is rain modeled visually in the game? Screenshots available??
Yup, lotsa little dots coming down. You can see that in some of the screenshots. The rain is also localized, in that sometimes it's not everywhere on the 200km x 200km battlespace at the same time. The LOS system takes all that into account.

[/quote]2. could someone please post screenshots with landmass / coastal line in sight?[/quote]

There are some in that thread. However, be advised that our land graphics aren't spectacular. No Cliffs of Dover--everthing is rather low and rounded, with very little detail. There are clusters of buildings for the towns, though, and all 400-odd lighthouses in the campaign area are faithfully represented in their correct positions.

3. is shore target bombardment possible - screenshots very welcome here too
In the campaign, you can do bombardments of enemy ports, but that doesn't create a battle unless the enemy has some ships there, too. There, however, about 1000 shore guns in the game, all historically researched. This appear on the land during battles in their areas, and you can shoot at them if you want to, instead of enemy ships. It's not likely to do much good, however, because they're very small targets.

4. is it possible to expand the visible game log during battles to a more verbose version like smaller caliber hits, crew casualties, detailed system damage...
Not at present, I'm afraid. In campaign battles, a separate report is created showing which ships were involved and what happened to them, but no detailed info.

5. a screenshot with the worst seastate possible in game would be great too.
I don't think anybody's taken a pic with a 200-knot wind blowing, because I don't think such storms happen in the North Sea
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