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Thanks to Hitman and joegrundman, I have adapted the wheel as it was historically.

This is starting to look like a real application.... Anyways.

ok screenshots:

changes from previous version:

- locked the yellow boat marker and the AOB marker together. These can be dragged around at two spots (click the help button for info on this)
- Turned the outer dial, so that the top of the sub (the white arrow on the outer ring) faces north. Hitman told me, this would be easier to work with.
- Added help file telling noobs where to drag the wheel (hotspots) , and how to sharpen the wheel's graphics, should this be necessary.
- Added exit button
- Added background and a startup screen (eyecandy)

@ Hitman or Joegrundman:

could you possibly make a step by step screenshot gallery on how to use the front and the back side, with an example, so I can make a tutorial for the wheel and put it in the projector file itself.

Just as you did Joegrundman, but with screenshots, I can then implement them into the program as a help function.

Thank you.

Tryout flash version: Dial-up heavy: 1405 kb here

Download Links: for Historical version and the No-swatstika version

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