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gear Wolfpack Tactics & Tips

Estimating your torpedoes' time to impact

The TDC has a built in Time to Impact feature, but here's how you can doing it manually. When you have your firing solution and shoot your torpedoes, start your stopwatch by pressing T

Then grab your handy calculator, enter the range that you used in your firing solution and divide by 15.4 .This will give you the estimated time to impact in seconds.

Example: you estimated the range to the target as 1400 meters, then divide 1400/15.4 = 94 secs

To change the estimate to minutes and seconds, simply subtract 60 seconds from the total until you are left with a remainder that is less than 60.

Example: Estimated range is 2600m divided by 15.4 is 168 seconds. 168 - 60 = 1 minutes and 68 secs, so subtract another 60 and you have 2 minutes and 48 seconds. That's about as fancy as the math gets on this calculation so even Bernard can handle it


Remember: the time to impact estimate will depend on how accurate you were with your range estimate.

Press R to reset the stopwatch, and to hide it.

FYI: The torpedoes in your Wolfpack U-boat run at 30 knots, which is 15.4 meters per second.

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