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Default Engine Problem?

While playing RFB, i encountered an odd effect.

while on patrol in the Bismarck Sea driving a S-42, we attacked a convoy with some success.
during the enemy's counterattack, we sustained some damage that appeared to be limited to the topside/watch equipment.
after successfully eluding the remaining counterattacks, we surfaced and headed for home as all of our torpedoes were gone.
the odd effect was that we could make no more than 13-14 knots when our normal top speed is 17-18 kts. we did not see any damage to engines or shafts or props when we were damaged so this was a bit mysterious.
so, i saved the game and went and looked at the ActiveUserPlayerUnits file.
there was no DamageHitpointsConsumed for either engine...and no DamageHitpointsConsumed for any topside equipment either.
doesn't that seem strange?

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