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Originally Posted by nervousfred89 View Post
Hey everyone,

I searched the forums and couldn't find anything about this so hope I am not repeating a common question.

I am trying to finish the last mission of 688i where you have to place SLMM's to destroy the Kuznetsov. I have placed mines at the given coordinates and also around those coords as well. When the ship passes by, the mines don't engage at all. I read on a guide that the mines need to be set to a depth of 20ft or higher. I set all the mines to this and am still getting nothing. Also note that in the map view the ship is well within the 1000ft range of the mines.

Pictures are attached.

Thanks for you help!
i realize this is an old post......
sometimes the Kuznetsov does not follow the course over the mines. it is one of the vagaries of the game.
your target actually needs to sail over the mine, or in this case, sail into the same lat/long coordinates.
i am afraid that i always keep a couple of Mk48's just in case i run into this.
another suggestion is to use the mission editor and make sure that the damn ship sails where you need it to sail.
good luck.
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