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It is like waking up, where have i been the last weeks?
Neal you really going to Sweden? Unbelievable!!

And of course congratulations to this new simulation, god i had no idea, at least not before yesterday. This can well be the one that i have dreamt of since decades! Where do i donate?

If you are into passive and active sensors like Funkmess (Radar) and the different german systems and combinations with antennas over the years, i had already made a list about that long ago, for SH3/GWX. Also lots of books about the boats, and info. Well i guess you already have all that.
Only downside is that now being employed at least until next year i have so few time for the interesting things in life .

Sweden. Unbelievable. Snowy cold winters, summer, the islands, sailing, the danish south sea. And the chances to meet have just risen.
All the best to the team

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