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Originally Posted by Lempereur1
Firewalls dont like Jutland.
You have to let it by pass the firewalls. You might also try running the game in the Windowed mode. Change the display settings until the windowed mode shows up.
Brilliant!!! Windowed mode would fix the whole problem and no game adjustments would be necessary at all. But that does beg the question of why the game keeps firewall permission windows from taking the foreground when windowed mode gives you access to the entire desktop.

I do love the entire concept of your anti-piracy measures, especially the reversion to demo mode on violation. This makes the demo very promiscuous, while keeping full rights games to those willing to pay your salary. This game is worth a trip to the movies with a small family. If you won't pay and feel entitled to steal it you're pretty pitiful. I just read AVG Warhawk's review. That's enough for me. I'm convinced.

Originally Posted by Lempereur1
You have some excellent suggestions about the scripting.
Do you know of any existing scripts that do this?


Jim Rose
I'm afraid I'm not a programmer. I do have a script recorder, but you'd need a script that identified the firewall being used and executed the proper commands to grant the proper permission for that specific firewall. That's out of my league! I wouldn't be surprised if Firewalls weren't programmed not to allow script control anyway. The windowed mode suggestion is best.
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