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Default Pre-release of review for Steel Fury released (by Skybird)

Neal just told me that it will take him some days to produce some screenshots. I did not do them myself, because my system, although meeting recommended specs, was able to produce mediocre frames only at minimum and minimum-medium graphic settings. The sim looks not bad that way, but I would take even more fire for trying to make it look bad if I would post shots from that low detail setting, so he is helping out.

We agreed that until it is officially set up in a couple of days, a pre-release as a simple thread will be posted, to end this unlucky debate about a review some of you already don't feel well with although you do not know it. This is no draft, but the final text, it will later be set up as a regular website feature.

I hope that helps to bring back some calm to things, and helps to let the dust settle a bit.
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