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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
One thing I stumbled upon with my set-up, which is the GWX Terrain Editor, and a really old version of Photoshop LE. Did I mention that it was "old", like v2.0 old? Anyway, it does work, but I have to do ~ALL~ of the edits desired before Saving, and I can't use an intermediate file type, just the RAW. If when I check the edits in-game, if it doesn't turn out the way I desired, I start over again with the Stock file and try again. The use of grid paper and a print-out of the unedited terrain is indespensible in the planning process. If I attempt to edit a file that has already been edited, then I'll end up with "Lot's Wife" type of columns at the border corners or walls at the border (6pixels), depending upon the edits, and where they are in the terrain. When they mention that edits within 6 pixels of the edge must be matched in the neighbor segment, they do have to match, else you have a "wall" on that edge area instead.

But it's a blast doing it. Remember that ships seem to have a deeper keel for the magnetic pistols, and those do seem to effect a ship's actual draft, and the ZON files' spheres seem to also, such that (in SH4 anyway) we had to make certain areas of some harbors "deeper", so that "historical" ships could sit and / or spawn in them.

Remember now: This is fun. Keep saying that over and over...
Yeah have done some editing in the past when placing new ports in GWX, was a ballache. One of the team was working on an editor akin to SH5s one but disappeared before completing it. Was hoping someone else had created something. Oh well. Best find an old photoshop and crack on

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