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Originally Posted by CapnScurvy View Post
Fred as I understand you, you'll be using the SH4 ME for your mission building....yet needing to use the only good tutorial for SHIII's ME for reference. That will work just fine, I do too.
That is correct and I have made missions with this in the SHIII. I do see a difference in the SH4 ME from what is described in the manual - "mission parameter" looks different.

The couple of trials I have made are quite simple and all validated. I have tested them with the "time" testing tool, too. They work. I have a distinct feeling there is something peculiar with the folder or file arrangements in the game as I find the saved folder/files when I try to open them through the ME but not when opening them through Windows. It is as if the game either refuse to accept - or show them.
Originally Posted by CapnScurvy View Post
One thing you might want to do is to download a mission someone has built and see what they did. That AoB Test Mission is a simple .mis file having a stationary submerged Porpoise sub with several Japanese ships approaching at different headings. You can have JSGME load it into your game, finding it in the Single Missions menu of the game. It's short, but to the point. There are no plane fly overs, but that's not what I made it for.
I haven't installed the JSGME on the new computer/game.
Originally Posted by CapnScurvy View Post
You do have to be a bit careful with your units (although, I think this may be just what YOU want). I remember making a similar mission with Jap ships approaching. Behind them a couple of miles, I had a U.S. carrier and a couple of escorts approaching next. As I watched the Jap's go by, a couple of U.S. planes swooped in and sunk one of the ships! They had spawned from the carrier on their own and did exactly what they should have done......detected and attacked the enemy! That's not what I wanted to do, but it's what I should have expected.
Well, that sounds great!
Originally Posted by CapnScurvy View Post
One thing you may want to do is add a mod that allows you to have a better "Free Camera" than what the stock game offers. Not that I'm pushing my mod to you (most mega mods do the same thing), but using Optical Targeting Correction for the stock game will give you a much better view of the outside world. You can get as close as you would like to the units involved, even positioning the camera on a ship, to get a "first person" perspective of the action. Using the "pause" key you can stop the action, yet still move the camera around to a position you like for a picture. I've even paused the game, then restarted the action listening to the shell as it wizzes past. Neat stuff!
I'm missing that on the SH4 version I have (1.4.0), I used that function a lot in SHIII. I'll look into your suggestions.

What mods do you recommend me to install otherwise?


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