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Default SHIII/SH4 mission editor

I Believe I put this question in the wrong thread. Please excuse me for repeating it here:
As I understand it the SHIII ME can be used for SH4, too. However, I find a difference in the loading up procedure of missions to the game. While SHIII operates with a folder/file structure where the folder/missions are separated into the various languages - SH4 does not.

SHIII has the folder/files organized like this: Data/SingleMissions/xxxxfolder/xxxxlanguage/xxxx.mis
SH4 goes like this: Data/SingleMissions/xxxxfolder/xxxx.mis

I have tried to load up missions in SH4 without the language folder but it's not getting through. It can be Another fault, the ME is quite finicky, but the difference must mean something.


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