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Originally Posted by Dooley View Post

I have installed T34 vs Tiger on my win 7 32bit and i use 3 screens 24inch powered by matrox triplehead system.

The first time i started TvsT i saw the menu and went to options and selected the resolution 5040 by 1050 after that the game went black.

So i re-installed it but it only gives me a blackscreen and the back ground music is playing and i have no error messages.

When i look in the log file gives me again the 5040 by 1050 resolution again, i don't understand this because it is a fresh re-install . i have got the .dll and made a c:/game/T34vsTiger installed there

So my question: first i want to set back the resolution to 1024 by 624 something smaller, where can i find it in the files?

All help is appreciated!

Run regedit and find the following:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\G5 Software\T34

and then find "ScreenHeight" and "ScreenWidth"

click on them one at a time and edit them in hex.

Then find "WindowMode" and change the 0 to 1

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