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Originally Posted by Corvette View Post
The patch for the XBox was produced, but as you say 505 games decided not to send it to M$. Very annoying, as the PS3 did get that patch equivalent.

Thus a 'no sale' from me as well.

We only have Anton's word for that, the same Anton that told us that a patch containing German cockpits would be released soon after the game shipped. That was bull, I don't really believe anything he says.

It does not cost anything for the first title update to be certified by MS, if the devs had really made an Xbox patch there is no reason why they would not have sent it to be certified.

This is why 505 games told Anton to stop posting on the forums imo, he was telling too many lies. Doing everything to make the devs look good at 505 games expense. But after all it was the devs that made a game with impossible multiplayer goals, I blame them. They obviously never tested the online components of the game or they would have realised that and spotted that fact that shooting someone down would rarely credit a kill.

It was a shame, IL S on the Xbox had the makings of an excellent game, and I say that as an oldskool hardcore PC sim gamer.

( I go by the name of 'Yossarian' over on the IL S forums)
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