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okay thanks Bracer

i went back in and played the scenario again and despite the HMS Belfast getting to about 8km range and taking out my A turret, i actually landed hits on it and sank it - satisfying when it happens!

the amount of dial fiddling though makes trying to hit the targets at longer quite hard, especially as the time it takes me to adjust dials, things will be incorrect again - it would be good if there was a way to lock the turret position relative to the target, because having to make other dial changes means it loses place againa nd so one constantly feels at square one.

also the dials for change the target bearing and speed are difficult to move and often just a stuck moving back and forth on a point - perhaps you could make it possible fro the mouse wheel to be able to turn the dial when you hover the mouse cursor over the dial - just being able to use the scroll wheel would be very helpful and reduce the feeling of having to fight the controls

for teh sterescopic viewer i tried using and still i just couldnt get it to work - when looking at something around 20 kms away for example, - i switch it on and there is no other doubel anywhere for me to try and adjust - - using the Radar actually i found most helpful
-though what does the scale dial for the radar alter?

lastly something broke in the mission at some point - after i sank the belfast i went after teh 2 convoy ships but they then disappeared, even though they were right in front of me and i was getting closer to them according to the radar - also the splash effects of my guns disappeared too.
i then went to end the mission and the gun director screen remained, with the external view of my ship in the viewfinder. i thought this odd so went back into the mission rather than exit, and now the gun director screen is stuck on screen and i am in walking mode , and weirdly the ship guns seem to be just firing on their own. (see the attached image)

i ended the mission and in the main menu, the - news box had all my key presses in it in front of your text about the bonus scenarios (i think all my key presses while the gun director was stuck on screen)
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