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Originally Posted by agathosdaimon View Post
hi Bracer
I have had a chance to play some of the supporter demo and i love the new additional scenarios

i have though forgotten how the guns work and so went ot play the convoy scenario but could not get the guns to point in the direction of the convoy ships at all

i switched to the top gun director and moved the viewfinder crosshairs over the approaching cruiser and adjust the range but the main guns are just firing off at a different angle altogether - what do i need to do to train them to where the viewfinder is looking?
Let me know if you figure it out with the manual, otherwise write again!
Just remember to enable the gun, connect it to the correct fire director and aim with the same director.

Originally Posted by agathosdaimon View Post
also - when going to F1 to read the keys, is the game paused in automatically while i am on that screen? if not then i recommend it be so
also at times when i try to go out of ht emap screen or when i hit escape and then go back to the game, i am on the deck again in walking mode - i think you should have it that when you press 'M' for the map, - you can then press 'M' again and it will go back to the last position you were in
Yes, some work needs to be done here. Currently when using for example the map, it's recommended to press the station you want to go back to, for instance 1 for walking mode, G for fire director and so on...

Originally Posted by agathosdaimon View Post
also - the M doesnt seem to work well, i try moving about but its very jerky and would actually let me fully look at where my ship was, something is wrong there with the mouse movement
Yup, sadly I didn't manage to fix the map issues before the demo. It's luckily not needed yet.

Originally Posted by agathosdaimon View Post
the radar needs some labels for the dials and switches too.
Agreed! It shall be fixed.

Originally Posted by agathosdaimon View Post
also - how just that view with the double vision work? and when i do it, the game drops alot in framerates
You use the A/D keys to set the focus, when the target is in focus then you have the correct distance. It's called a stereoscopic rangefinder.

Sadly it lags because of the way water is rendered. When the water gets doubled, it's simply too much.
I am currently working on a new way of rendering the water which should save alot of vertexes. That should solve the lag!

Originally Posted by agathosdaimon View Post
okay the thread with the manual here explains some of the details i was after

- how do i determine the heading and speed manually of the target - what is the process there?
This is procedure is not yet implemented. I need to program some AI help here, unless I fix the map first. So for now, you have the guesstimate :-)
Check the angle of bow of the target and set it using the dials.

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