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Originally Posted by Macgregor the Hammer View Post
That would be a challenge to program! The QLA-1 FM set was available toward the end of 1944. It was developed by the University of California Division of War Research. It used a PPI, a progressive frequency sweep and used the Doppler effect based on the sub's movement. It was really a piece of art for it's day.

How you would introduce this into Silent Hunter is way above my pay grade!

I agree, fascinating piece of equipment for the time. Doubt we could get a visual display in the sim, unless perhaps setting the SJ radar's depth from 0 meters to say -90 etc, but then how to get it to turn on, how to get the mines to show up on the screen when under water?

As I mentioned, years back someone developed a working FM sonar mod. The mines were made to emit a noise audible via the sonar stack, it was distinct from standard ship contacts. I recall it worked in a training mission but if you had multiple mines, such as in a minefield, it caused the game to slow and eventually a CTD. Perhaps would work better now with the 4gb patch, LAA, and all.

If not, perhaps create a new mine, one the emits, could place one in front of the "normal " mine field or have it overlap. Would at least let player know there are mines.
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