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Originally Posted by Bubblehead1980 View Post
TMO 2.5 + my various tweaks such as late war depth charges, traffic etc

100 realism, except external camera on this time.

In the middle of my likely final patrol (10th overall) in USS Dace. Started in January 1944 out of Fremantle. Transferred to Pearl Harbor in January 1945. Now June 45, assigned to patrol Sea of Japan. Added AI US subs to be in the SOJ as well, giving a representation of "Operation Barney" in 1945. Transited the Tsushima Straits. Done this years back but on surface at night to avoid the mines.

Now, the straits have local air patrols with radar, making a surface passage nearly impossible. I entered submerged . Since we don't have FM sonar in the game I would periodically check the external cam. Definitely came very close to some mines, had to make slight course adjustment to avoid one. Found a safe depth where it seems the mines were not set and even though came close to more, was able to transit safely.

While rather never racking, transiting the strait at only 32 time compression and only checking near the sub(such as FM sonar would only give "Hells Bells" if mine was near, it did add an intensity level to the sim. Especially since with my mine mod, one mod will sink you. No more of the hitting a mine and surviving bs leftover from stock.

Having said all of that, if some modder has an idea for making an FM sonar for the boats, would be a great thing. I recall someone tried years ago but it failed since making every mine emit a noise (like a ship) was causing CTD for everyone since overwhelmed the sim. Now with 4G patch and all may work better. Perhaps could make another time, one that emits noise, put a few of them, then the regular SH 4 mines, at minimum would let player know they found a minefield. Mines are mostly a non factor in SH 4 but were a real threat, big omission. One of those things the devs left out and still irritates me.

Also, the Tsushima minefields are are bit too easy to transit, will be updating them in future. Won't be impossible, but more difficult. Below are some screenshots.
so you transited the mined straits using the external camera?
that's gutsy!
and you want to make it harder? are you mad?
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