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1. Stuff to write on.
Especially in the sonar/radio space. There's only 2 contacts in the demo, but I imagine that'll change in later versions, and there should definitely be a board or something people can scratch things in on or just draw genitalia like real submariners. Writing stuff with grease pencils is a way of life for submariners, it makes it easy to keep important data on tap without needing to memorize it. If there's a board or something in every space people can write on, not only can they look to it when something on it is asked about, but other people can see it and get that info without needing to ask.

2. Rigging for reduced electrical.
In order to preserve battery, we should be able to rig the boat for reduced electrical by turning off anything that isn't absolutely essential. In the context of the game, it'd probably just be lighting. Then you can give everyone flashlights and it'll be just like the real deal.

3. Snorkeling (maybe)
I dunno what period of the war the game is gonna take place during, but the Germans started putting snorkel masts on their boats around 1944. Snorkeling allows the boat to run the diesel at PD, at the expense of being limited in speed and not being able to hear anything on sonar.

4. Casualties
Sometimes stuff just breaks and/or lights on fire. It'd be neat to have a random (but very low) chance of stuff just crapping out on you. Oh no we're in the middle of a battlegroup and the number 2 engine is on fire jesus christ we're either gonna have to surface to ventilate or just suffocate to death this is horrible.

Also, regarding your suggestion for crush depth, those measurements are not from testing. As in, boats aren't sent to the bottom with depth recording devices or whatever, recovered, and people go, "Yep, crush depth is at X feet." They're nothing but estimations, kinda like cranes. A 80,000lb max load crane has never actually been tested to failure with an 80,000lb load, it was loaded with 10,000lbs and they estimated based on the stresses in the crane that it could handle 80,000. Typically, the estimations are lowballing it pretty hard to cover their own ass.

Where I'm getting at is a boat with a crush depth of 900ft or whatever old submarines were rated at could actually go quite a bit deeper than that depth and still remain intact. Even though it's just a movie, the U-boat in Das Boot wasn't an anomaly, you could take virtually any submarine ever made past its crush depth and come back in one piece. However, the stress it puts on the hull means you just made its real crush depth a bit more shallow.
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