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The Hunter Classic is the older, but more mature sim, and still has an active player base, also is still beign taken care of by the - new - developer team. The Hunter Call of the Wild is the newer, more beautiful looking game. I am a long term player since I think 2011 or 2012.

The difference I care most for is the animal AI, the newer title has some AI "features" that are hilarious when they show up, you have to actively ignore them and you must stop yourself actively from exploiting them ("just let it be, dont do it."), then the new game is the "better" game.

I like both. You wont find a better hunting sim game.

CotW looks beautiful.

The original studio has a bad habit of not caring to fix issues any time soon. It can take years that they instead spend to create new payware content. I like the games, still. The studio I like less.

The thread abive spans over tne years. Best is to start at the end and then read as far to the beginning as you want. The micro-transaction business model in Classics has been drastically changed already years ago, it all can be played almost free now. No subscription needed anymore.
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