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bullhorn Das Boot VR

So, a new game has recently come out, built on the foundation of the legendary Das Boot film with VR capabilities, Das Boot VR Demise. This is the first of a series of VR episodes.

If you have never tried VR, all I can tell you is there is nothing like it. I do not have a VR set up yet, I am going to set one up when I move into my new house soon. So for now my exposure to Das Boot VR will be 2D But I have has a taste of VR in Sweden with Wolfpack and I know how this will play out. Das Boot is the Holy Grail of submarine IPs and with the VR element, this game could be the biggest thing yet. It is still in development but Demise is a short preview of things to come. Next will be Das Boot VR Escape.

Presently the game is available on HTC Viveport only, Das Boot VR will be released on Steam in a few months.

For more screenshots and info, dive into the Subsim preview.

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