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VEAO Hawk update
Good morning guys and what a beautiful sunny morning it is in London today, I feel a productive day coming up

Damage Model
To carry on the discussion about our damage model; essentially Crow has finished the modeling for the damage model and I have to say what an amazing job he has done!!

Here is a list of the cells that I talked about earlier and as you can see there are a lot!!

Each cell within the sim recognises when it has been hit and the damage will vary from small bullet holes to large holes to complete damage.

That's now handed over to Tango who will start to code the damage model to the systems which is no easy task.
The damage model as it is now will be included in the February release but the systems damage model will be worked on through the public Beta phase as it's a mammoth task.

As an example here is the schematic of the modelled hydraulic system.

You can see the level of detail that has been coded into the Hawk in just this one system and there are a few to work through.

For future reference I'll be describing these as "systems damage model" so you know what I'm talking about.

Apologies about the blurred pictures bit I want our testers to have a go at shooting each other and testing the damage model first before posting up images publically.
This is the part I don't like, seeing out jet all shot up

The HUD has been tweaked and the HUD glass 3d model has been put into the mod.
Still a little bit of tweaking to do to make it fit perfectly but at least the testers can actually aim the rockets and guns now.

To Do
What's on my to-do list today:
Keyboard and joystick controls integration - I'm going around the cockpit coding in all the switches, dials and levers into the default templates so it makes it easier to assign your controls. I'll then hand that to Tango to integrate into our code so they actually work.

Training missions - The engine start up sequence has changed, so I need to amend the first training mission and then carry on writing the other missions for navigation, weapons, etc.
And as this is a British aircraft I'm afraid no Morgan Freeman voice over, you'll have an expert airline pilot Captains voice instead

CRM - I think i've mentioned this before but we will have a CRM system where you can log in to retrieve your activation codes. We're still working with ED on hooking our system into the module manager within DCS World but we also need this independently for our licence system, so I'm working on some of that today. This also includes the Paypal integration and testing so I feel my credit card getting a bit heavier today. I just hope the refund section works!!!

Here is my current test page:

That's all for today and I hope you have a lovely Sunday,
More News to the front.....

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