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VAEO Hawk Update
Friday, and 1st November...WOW!!
The past year has really flown by, excuse the pun.

Looking back over the last year we've had some great victories and some major setbacks but we're pushing through those to come out on top.
If you have a dream, follow that dream and work damn hard to achieve it.
The Hawk development is testament to that and what an amazing team we have.

For those that don't know I started this project over 8 years ago after a discussion with the late great Jim Mackonochie and we had a collective vision; to allow members of the public to fly in a Hawk jet in the simulator so they can get one step closer to being in the Red Arrows.
With Jim's enthusiasm and support from himself, Wags, Nick Grey and the guys at ED we have achieved that vision.

But not just achieved it, we're going the next step and allowing you, the DCS community to fly this beautiful bird.
The public feedback we have had over the past month has been amazing and very uplifting.
The team take great pride in our work down to the last rivet on the paintwork to the meticulous 3d model and the last line of code keeping us up till the early hours of the morning and it's great to see you enjoying our product.

To that end, I have extended the public testers licences through to the end of November and am extending an invitation to the first 30 people to email me at to receive a limited time alpha licence.

The screenshot competition has now officially closed and we've had some amazing shots taken of the Hawk with other aircraft.
I'll be processing the images over the weekend and early next week into a voting system so you, the community, can pick some winners for the full product when released.

As a little added extra I've been speaking with the Virtual Red Arrows sponsor Thrustmaster and have secured some products to give away for Christmas. Details will be posted soon so keep an eye out here or on our Facebook page.

I also received an email from Tango last night wanting to add one final screenshot to the competition.
For the keen eyed of you out there you'll notice that the Sidewinder weapons panel is active and a distant explosion
Suffice to say I can't wait to get back home to test it out to get it ready for the public testers to start deploying them in the air.

Again I'd like to thank all of you for your amazing support and comments about our product and wish you a happy November.

Chris and the VEAO Team
More News to the front.....

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