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Interesting. Here's a question though, if one has a perfectly modelled u-boat sim, and docile merchants, but predictable escorting, do you really still have a perfectly modelled sim?

I would argue not. If you know not where an escort may move next, at what speed, and if it detects you, how long it will persist with the hunt and what depths the pistols on the charges will be set to - then you have gone a long way towards the perfect sim.

In other words, the best possible U-boat sim must incorporate human controlled escorts, or an exceedingly good AI. I imagine the former is rather easier, and it had the added bonus of the PVP dimension...

Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
I will probably not make any friends here with this statement, but I'd rather have the team to focus the available non-infinite resources on perfecting the U-Boat simulation instead of adding playable surface vessels resulting in a half-baked neither-is-perfect tries-to-be-everything game.

I'm also dreaming of such a game, but I'd rather get one aspect finished than an overpromising feature-creep "Marine Citizen" game.
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