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Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
If you can still give back the game (less than 2 hours played), I would do that and instead find a new DVD to buy.
Unfortunately I can't give it back.

I did get it on sale though for about 6$ so I don't have much in it. I'm just using it as a training aid at the moment for a test. I plan on building a PC later to be a dedicated sim rig but for now it works fine for my laptop.

As far as the issues I had, I was able to fix it. Turns out, for some reason, Steam didn't install all of the game files. And then it didn't detect the installation. So one clean, fresh re-installation and we're cooking now.

Later on, I'm probably going to get X-Plane and spend more money on a decent setup instead of my laptop and T.Flight right now.
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