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Originally Posted by padi View Post
No, Im talking about the american Mark 7 DC and not the british Mark VII!
As written here the Mark 7 had at least two modification intervals and because of that I named the second modification interval Mod 2, even if this name is not written, but what should you name it else?
I am sorry: I have checked all the documents I know of, but I couldn't find any useful information on the topic. Data reported by John Campbell in his book that I mentioned in one of my previous posts, is more or less the same as in Navweaps:

Originally Posted by John Campbell - Naval Weapons of World War Two (1985)
"A redesigned Mk 4 and standard in the earlier part of the war. Total weight was 768lb (348kg), charge 600lb (272kg), sinking speed 9f/s (2.7m/s) and depth 30-300ft (9-91m) increased in Mod 1 (issued in August 1942) to 600ft (183m). Versions with lead weight had a sinking speed of about 13f/s (4m/s)"
That's all. I have also checked this ordnance pamphlet by the Bureau of Ordnance, but nowhere in it these 'lead weight versions' are mentioned. The document is dated December 1943. Either the heavy Mk7 entered service after that date, or it was seldomly used.
Let me know if you find any extra information. In the meanwhile we can only assume that, unlike the British Mk VII-Heavy, the US depth charge with the same number had the lead weight fitted internally, and that the heavy version of it had the same external appearance as its standard-weight mods. The lead weight being internal, seems to be confirmed by the fact that the explosive charge had to be reduced in order to make space for the extra weight, as reported by navweaps.
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