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Default When Does b125 Go Stable?

The reason I ask is because I use the version with offline installer and they informed me b125 "stable" is not available. In other words, does GOG get the "stable" update as soon as it is ready? If so, is there an estimate of release for it?

Furthermore, the GOG version is only b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2 Sept 5th 2019), and not the final b124 release (this has been superseded with the b125 Preview 8) which is now available.

Update Note (12/04/2019): If you purchase the GOG version (No DRM) you have two options:

1. Offline installer (only supports stable versions) like the one mentioned (b124 Preview 4 (Hotfix 2 Sept 5th 2019).

2. Galaxy installer supports the most recent "unstable" updates actively supported by the developer. Both install methods are available from
upon purchase.

Note: Why Two Installers?

1. What is Offline Installer? Offline installer is a stand alone download copy with no online updater (like the old days) when we owned the (DVD) sim. Except it is a digital copy.

2. What is Galaxy Installer? Galaxy is an exe. from GOG which will checks your version (when logging in) in order to update automatically. This is similar to steam but with no DRM. At least that is what they claim.

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