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Give me a call back if you haven't heard in c.24 hours and I'll PM Lockie about your account at the STA forum; can't recall what the registration drill was when I registered, been a while.

Successor to the NTA mod, Steel Tank Add-on is definitely the one to have; I wiped my second install of SF with the older SPM mod a while back.

SF's AI still has some rough edges (too aggressive), platoon command and control is somewhat limited (and map-based) and intra-platoon comms are nil (fine for Soviet tank platoons, which even in 1944 sources say had transmitters only in platoon leader or above tanks) but it's still a great WW2 tanksim with a fantastic selection of playable vehicles (there's even a mission for the BMW R-75 motorcycle combo) and now some for NW Europe as well, like this one based on the ambush sequence, from the movie 'Fury':

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