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Default The sinking of USS Yorktown CV-5 by the I 168

On 5 june a japanese recon plane spotted a drifting US carrier 150 miles north northeast
of Midway.
The I 168 commanded by Yahachi Tanabe was ordered to go and sink her. It had bombed Midway on the 4th
and later Eastern Island as well. Sighting an american carrier nearly dead
in the water on 6 June, Tanabe calmly manoevered his boat to the best firing position
and , at 1305, almost abeam of the dammaged carrier and at a range of a
1000 yards, launched four torpedoes.
Tanabe heard four explosions before the US destroyers started a series of
very heavy depth charges attacks for about seven hours.Eventually obliged to
surfaced Tanabe spotted the DDs some distance away and was able to escape
on the surface under the cover of dusk.
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