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Originally Posted by Sailor Steve
I have one bit of bad news. I was listening to it and realized that I used my own setup. This means that the WeO_Torpedo Impact files are the same in the main version and in the 'Alternate' folder. They are both blank files. I originally had the file from the movie with Lumprecht (the Bosun) telling the off-duty guys that it was a hit, and then shushing them when they started cheering. I got tired of hearing it over and over and switched to the blank file, so all you hear is the torpedo hitting and no voices. It seems that when I did that I didn't back it up, so now I don't have that file anymore, and I can't find it on any of my SH2 stuff. Sorry.

Originally Posted by Dowly
Oh oh oh oh! Thanks! I take this works for SHIV:UM too, atleast the speech files.
I don't see why it wouldn't; but I have no way of checking as I still can't run SH4.
I have the file ..... Ono_Cheers01.ogg

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