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First of, remove ALL the long list of mods that you have listed. Retain just your basic GWX installation. (Probably best to make a new reinstallation.)

Then test whether the Hsie V16B1 patch works by itself. If not, then you have not installed it properly. (Install it with JSGME, and also its folder of additional files.)
Once the V16B1 patch works by itself, add the Stiebler4A_Addon patch, again with JSGME and its folder of addons (Stiebler4_Addon_for_V16B1). Test to see if this functions correctly.

Do not add any other mods until you have got this combination working correctly in a normal career patrol.

After that:
1. Remove the Stiebler4A and Hsie V16B1 patches.
2. Add the other mods in batches of four at a time. Then add the additional mod folders for V16B1 and for the Stiebler4A_Addon after each additional batch of 4 files - all mods to be added with JSGME.
3. Test after each batch. Then you will know where the problem lies, and can narrow down the batch of four files to one offending file.

I would guess that probably several of your mods will cause collisions.

Good luck,
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