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Default Where is the main induction valve?

Hi Geoff,

Happy to help... Yeah - normally there were actually two bangs that could be heard throughout the boat and probably for miles... One for the close and another when it opened again - there was a great deal of force involved... Boom - - - Boom... When I was in - the USS Houston (rep as bad luck boat) had the induction valve closure mechanism fail - or - something wasn't lined up properly - they took massive amounts of sea water down the induction mast and the ventilation system distributed it nicely around the boat - they were pulling wet stuff off for weeks... Same boat that snagged a tow line between a tug and barge with their sail - immediately sinking the tug and killing some of its crew - during the filming of Hunt for Red October...

It's been a while but I was actually qualified all the real operational watch stations (ETOW, QMOW, STOW, FTOW, and COW)... If any questions ever come up - please feel free to ping me...

Scott ET1/SS
USS Flasher (SSN-613)

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