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It’s basically Auswanderungsverfahren, which is determining speed by bearing change. It’s nothing new, I’ve done several videos on it, German surface ships did it too (it’s outlined in MDv 304 Torpedo-Schie▀vorschrift). It’s not exactly like this, but the principle is the same. You can calculate target speed using an estimate of target AOB and an estimate of range, and then a measure of bearing change. The only difference here is that you are using centirad marks versus bearing change which is fine, and you are also setting AOB to 90 and inputting the lateral speed across the LOS into the TDC, which is also fine. Mathematically it’s the same.

Not a primary U-boat method, method of choice in history was simply matching course and speed (“Ausdampfen”), or they plotted (“Koppeln”), and to the extent they couldn’t do that, doing the fixed wire method based on an estimate of target length (“Durchwandernlassen”), or simply estimating speed by bow wake.
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