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Originally Posted by KaleunMarco View Post
i just noticed a new series on Amazon Prime, Grey Wolves: German U-Boats in WWII. Season 1 with 3 episodes.
1. Grey Wolves Part 1 - The Killing Begins
2. Grey Wolves Part 2 - Nowhere To Hide
3. Grey Wolves Part 3 - The End of the Dream

it is a 2014 production by an independent studio (Total Content Digital)

i will probably watch at least one episode this weekend.

of course you will need an Amazon Prime subscription.
start with Part 2. 1940-43. Excellent material. blurry film and photos...which means that they were taken by Uboat crew AND they survived long enough to get back to port. intrepid seamen, for sure.

there are only two things in the world: submarines and targets.
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