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Originally Posted by DeutscheQuality View Post
So, ive just installed TMO 2.5 in my Silent Hunter 4. Its working fine, but there is only one small error that i dont know what is causing it.

When looking through periscope or in the external view, there is those white squares underwater. Anyone have a clue of what is it? Here is the mod list im using:

Dont know if this help, but im running the game on Windows 10, Steam version.
For 1... don't need to do screenshots, to show just what your jsgme mod list of activated mods are.

Is but, a simple matter to open up jsgme for the mod set you need to show your list of mods activated... click on "tasks", in the center of it.. & that will open up a sub menu.

Scrolling down that menu, you'll find export... hovering the mouse pointer over that, will open up another sub menu... in that, will see to clipboard or similarly worded selection choice.

Clicking on that, will copy the mods listed, that are activated by that particular jsgme... in this case... TMO v2.5, herein reported of having issues with that mod set.

On clicking "export to clipboard", will then allow you in your next reply, to paste that list... &... NO need for a screenie of that list.

Hope this info helps.

M. M.
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