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Originally Posted by DeutscheQuality View Post
So, ive just installed TMO 2.5 in my Silent Hunter 4. Its working fine, but there is only one small error that i dont know what is causing it.

When looking through periscope or in the external view, there is those white squares underwater. Anyone have a clue of what is it? Here is the mod list im using:

Dont know if this help, but im running the game on Windows 10, Steam version.

A texture was left out of the upload by mistake. Due to the size and process of uploading the mod , will have to wait until next release for it to be corrected. However, if you download vickers03 sea life mod (pacific) and run it after (see README for install order) TMO 25. Update BH, it will resolve the texture problem.

Also, your screenshots are not showing up.
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