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Icon1 FIX - Game crash after Time comp. above 32

So, I stopped playing silent Hunter 5 for about a month before I found a fix for the issue of the game crashing when time compression is increased above the visual limit when in map view. This is primarily a Steam version bug, so I cannot guarantee how to do the same for those playing the disc version.

Step 1: Open Steam

Step 2: Select Silent Hunter 5

Step 3: Open your game folder under program filesx86> steam > steamapps > Common > Silent Hunter 5

Step 4: Compare the files and make sure no suspicious looking files are found. If they are, delete and reinstall.

Step 5: When you delete the files and reinstall, or didn't need to, right click on the Silent Hunter 5 name and you'll see a pop up grey menu. Click "backup game files."

Step 6: Play the game - it will decompress the game files and power back up. That particular crash issue should be fixed.

Hope this helps someone,
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